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What are the Benefits of Essential Oils for the Skin?

Extracted and distilled from plants, essential oils offer a sense of wellbeing and other health benefits to an individual. They are highly recommended by many health experts because they are derived from organic components such as leaves, stems, barks, flowers, roots, or other plant elements. Essential oils are also eco-friendly because they are extracted from reusable products. They may enter the bloodstream through the skin or the respiratory system and then transported throughout the body to assist in healing. Different essential oils may be blended to maximize on their complementary healing properties. Here are the benefits of essential oils for the skin.

  • They are Natural and Organic

One of the major characteristics of essential oils is that they retain the true essence of the part of the plant from which they were extracted. They are highly concentrated, which means that a little oil can last for a long time unlike perfumes or fragrance oils. Perfumes are artificial and synthetic products that can cause irritations when applied on the skin. On the other hand, essential oils are natural and organic products that can be easily applied to the skin without causing allergies because they contain the true essence of plants.

  • They Help the Body Heal from Inside Out

The small molecules of essential oil can penetrate the semipermeable layers of the skin to promote healing. They facilitate healing of damaged tissues as they pass through the skin.  The essential oils are then channeled to the bloodstream where they help maintain healthy functioning of various systems and organs in your body. When absorbed, they mix with the chemicals in our body to repair the skin and heal damaged tissues.

  • Release Pure Herbal Energy

Essential oils can offer potent and pure herbal energy at the surface level. These oils have stimulant properties for the immune system, making them perfect for daily use. They can also influence fundamental drives and hormones and induce positive feelings. At the cellular level, essential oils can effectively offer barrier regulation effect and tissue stimulation. Lavender and geranium are some of the essential oils commonly used for stimulating tissues.

  • Soften and Smoothen the Skin

Although you may find spa experiences to be unique, essential oils can also help you recreate the magic at home. Not only will you save time and money but you also benefit from their many healing properties. Essential oils like lavender are well known for their soothing and calming properties. They accelerate the healing time for stings, cuts, burns and other types of wounds that cause damage to the skin. They help to lighten scars and condition damaged skin because of their ability to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin tissues.

  • They Help Fight Skin Infections

Essential oils are used to kill potentially harmful microbes, eliminate toxins, and fight different types of bacteria that cause skin infections. They can help reduce the symptoms of skin infection, which typically include pain, swelling, and change in the appearance of the skin. Essential oils contain antiviral and antibacterial properties that allow them to kill bacteria and fight off the infection.

  • Delay the Signs of Premature Aging

The skin begins to break down as we age and may lose elasticity over time. This natural process leads to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. While many commercial products claim to reduce wrinkles, they are made with toxic chemical compounds that may cause further damage to the skin. Using essential oils on your skin may not get rid of all wrinkles. However, it can help reduce their appearance.  Essential oils offer a natural alternative to chemical lotions and creams as they are purely extracted from plants.

  • Promote Overall Health and Wellbeing

When you apply essentials oil on your skin, you also get exposed to their scent or aroma, which helps to stimulate different reactions in the body. Health experts have found that aromatherapy helps facilitate healing of several conditions such as headaches, mood disorders, muscle soreness, and sinus congestion. Besides the ability of essential oils to diffuse through the skin, they also promote healing through scent since you also inhale them during the application process.

Essential oils have natural healing properties that allow the skin to reap benefits from nature. When applied on the skin, they mix with the chemicals in the body to balance, regulate and improve function. The natural compound in essential oils promotes healing by fighting infections, killing potentially harmful microbes, and eliminating toxins from the body.

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