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Stay Healthy This Winter With Essential Oils!

I have had so many people lately ask me what my best tips and tricks are for staying healthy during the Winter months are. So, I wanted to put them all in one place.

Now keep in mind, I am still a human. I still have tiny humans surrounding me constantly- who have zero personal space;) I do catch the occasional thing, but the occurrence and duration is significantly less since doing the things below.

I’ll start by listing the things I do on a daily basis, including how I use Young Living Essential Oils, to keep me healthy!

Supplements are KEY! And making sure they are good quality is just as important as taking them in general is. When a supplement has essential oils in it, it increases its Bioavailability! What does that really look like? Supplements without oils, 42% blood absorption in 24 hours. With oils, 64% blood absorption in 30 minutes; 86% in 1 hour. NUTS!

I take Omegagize, Multigreens, Allerzyme, Mineral Essence, Life9, SuperC, and Ningxia Red every day.

Diet & Exercise
I do my best to get active at least three times a week. Some weeks its more, some weeks its less. Not only does this keep you fit, it is also VERY helpful for your emotional health.

And when it comes to food, the more veggies the better. The less sugar the best. We don’t follow any type of eating style in general as a family. But we DO try and eat all Organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, etc. If buying everything Organic isn’t an option, then try your best to at least follow the Dirty Dozen.

Oils, oils, and some more oils
In our home, we basically always have essential oils working for us in some way or another. We are huge believers in preventative care. So what does that look like? Having our diffuser going with Thieves, a citrus oil, Purification, Clove, RC, Raven, etc. at all times. Especially before and after school for the kids.

We also use rollerbottles non-stop. The kids get an immunity roller on the back of their neck and spine before heading out the door, and on their feet before bedtime. I roll myself during the day, and again before bed at night.

We also use Thieves handsoap, hand purifier, spray, laundry detergent, household cleaner, you name it- its Thieves in our home. What better way to boost your immune system then by having all your household items containing it?

Detox Baths + Elderberry Syrup + Kombucha
It is no secret that Detox baths are my BFF. I take at least two a week. It is my time to decompress. Soak away the day.

Elderberry Syrup is a new item we have added to our routine this year. I had bought it a few times from the store, but hated the price. Now I have an great, easy, and CHEAP recipe I make at home, AND I can add oils to it!

And finally, Kombucha. If you don’t drink it yet- jump on the bandwagon. SO much of our health starts in our gut- so make it a healthy environment. Even my kids love Kombucha and ask for it daily. Its easy to DIY, or just buy some bottles and divvy it up between the family.

If I am feeling like I am coming down with something:

Cut out the crap!
I immediately take out all dairy, sugar, alcohol, and even try to avoid grains. I also begin to chug as much water as humanly possible;) Add in green juice as well. Especially if you are not a huge veggie lover in general, juicing is a great and easy way to get a bunch in quickly. And take a Detox bath every night till you are better!
Up the Supplements and Oils
Inner Defense, extra SuperC, and ImmuPro are my BFFs if I am coming down with something. Inner Defense is definitely best taken with food, as it is a powerful blend of oils that could upset your empty stomach. ImmuPro is something you take about 20 minutes before you are wanting to get to bed. It is incredible for boosting your immune system, but it also contains Melatonin- so you get a great nights sleep. Sleep is NEEDED for your body to get better.

I also roll extra oils, diffuse non-stop, and take Thieves lozenges like they are going out of style. If my throat is sore, I gargle with salt water with Thieves in it. Works SO well. And Ningxia Red gets upped to up to 4oz in the day.

ACV and Thieves Tea
Yes, you read that right. ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar. The nastiest of nasty things. BUT man, it is so good for you! I dilute down 1 tbsp. of it in water and take it 2x a day.

And Thieves tea. The real MVP if your throat is sore, you have a cough, whatever. You can make it with an actual bag of tea, or just hot water. But use a tbsp of raw, local, honey and put 2 drops Thieves and Lemon oil in the honey- AND then put it in the water. Its so soothing and effective.

I so hope this helps you! Young Living has changed the game for my families health. If you aren’t using them yet- let me help you get going on changing your Winter {and forever!}

Here is a link with more info getting started. It will be THE BEST decision you have ever made. You know, aside from your hubby, having kids, etc;) Grab your Premium Starter Kit, add on a bottle of Theives household cleaner, and a bottle of Super C, and some body wash for your babies! [through Essential Rewards so you can get points back and cheaper shipping!] Please let me know if you have questions or want help ordering and picking out items, I love to help people get set up!

Also, if you are someone who loves to do some Christmas shopping early, YL just came out with their Holiday Catalog. It has some amazing gifts for you, your kids, even your pets! Check it out.

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