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About Us

Award-Winning Chiropractor & Wellness Center in Toms River, NJ

Ocean Integrated Wellness Center specializes in providing non-surgical and drug-free solutions to help eliminate pain and keep you pain-free. In Toms River, we’re centrally located and offer: acupuncture, weight loss, chiropractic, massage, essential oil therapy, and more. Our focus is always on the patient and getting results, so much so that we won the 2018 Patient Satisfaction Award for our work in Toms River, NJ and the community.

In addition to fast, effective pain relief, we focus on functional improvement and enhanced performance by treating the cause of your problems, not simply by reducing your symptoms.

We offer specialized care for injuries sustained through sports, work and auto accidents. We strive to achieve optimal results through a multidisciplinary approach (including prevention) that specializes in YOU, the patient.

About Ocean Integrated Wellness

Dr. Vincent Giardina welcomes you to Ocean Wellness Center. Practicing for over 37 years, Dr. Giardina has joined together world class providers to create an award-winning wellness facility, in Toms River, where you and your family can come and receive the care for which you have been searching.

Dr. Giardina offers Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Weight Loss Programs and Massage in our Toms River Wellness Facility allowing you to take care of many of your health care needs in one place. We also offer essential oil therapy and a number of workshops to serve the community.

Ocean Integrated Wellness Center has helped thousands of patients get well with our integrated approach to health care. Our highly experienced providers using the most advanced technology offers you the best chance to get well without dangerous procedures, drugs or surgery.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Wellness in Toms River, NJ

Our approach to health care at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center is to work together to provide you the best chance of becoming pain free.

The health care providers at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center work as a team to utilize the decades of experience our providers possess to offer you the highest quality service to help you become pain free and improve function as quickly as possible.